At Buchukloof's Marais Family Wines we offer a unique hunting experience with access to our comfortable hunting cabins.

Hunting Form

Rules and Regulations

  1. Right of passage STRICTLY reserved.
  2. Hunters and/or visitors enter the farm and property at own risk. No responsibility will be accepted by the owner(s) for any harm, loss, illness, injury or any cost that results from the aforementioned.
  3. No hunting is allowed on Sundays or on the day of departure.
  4. Hunting must be confirmed 2 days prior to arrival via telephone.
  5. No hunting party will be allowed if the previous hunt (by the same party) has not be paid in full
  6. All payments are to be made in ZAR with cash.
  7. Prices and tariffs may change without notice.
  8. A maximum of four (4) hunters are allowed per hunting party.
  9. In the event where a wounded animal must be tracked, all hunting will cease and a fine of R200.00 per hour will be charged until the animal is found/
  10. Every hunter MUST have a rifle with a suppressor for personal use.
  11. Alcohol is not permitted on the hunt. Failure to commit will result in the removal of the persons/hunting party from the property and may induce fines.
  12. Any misconduct due to the use of alcohol may result in the removal of the persons/hunting party from the property and may induce fines.
  13. Hunters MUST be in possession of a legal weapons license.
  14. Interpretations of the rules made by the professional hunter/person in charge of the hunt must be adhered to.
  15. No (hunting) dogs or other pets are allowed.
  16. Weapons must remain unloaded until the hunt begins. No loaded weapons are allowed near living areas or during transport.
  17. Weapons must remain bagged and unchambered until the hunters are in the field.
  18. Hunters may only shoot predetermined game. If another species is shot an additional 50% above listed price will be charged.
  19. Any damages to the living quarters or objects within will be charged to the hunters’ bill.
  20. If any furniture within the cabins is moved/damaged a fine of R1 500.00 will be applicable.
  21. Any payments regarding living and hunting must be paid two (2) weeks in advanced to confirm the booking
  22. Any additional charges added during the hunt, including wild, are to be paid in full before departure (no checks accepted)
  23. NO private vehicles are allowed on the farm. Hunting parties must use the vehicles provided.

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